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3D Folded Canvas Art

Canvas Art 1

At first glance this looks like an elaborate painting.  And it’s true to a sense.  It has been painted, but it’s many individual pieces of canvas that have been folded onto themselves that then has been painted.  Here, take a closer look:

Canvas detail

This is the artwork of painters Stephen Stum and Jason Hallman, known as Stallman.  The two of them work together to create these works of art by layering and folding canvas, and then painting them with different colors to get the natural look that you see above.  They have lots of different works on their site, and if you have a few thousand dollars, you can buy one of them.  Some are pretty cool, I know I wouldn’t be able to make that.  And the three dimensional aspect of it itself is nice.  I like it, but you probably can’t touch it.

{My Modern Met|Colossal}

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