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iPhone Bullet Time

The Matrix made slow-mo 360 degree video popular, they called it “bullet time.”  It usually consists of setting up a ring of cameras pointed at the subject and taking pictures and video like that.  However, as you can imagine, that gets expensive. Smart phones are cheap, and most everyone has them (yes, even me), so Swiss skier Nicolas Vuignier decided to try a new method.  iPhones have a slow motion capture feature on their video.  So he spent what he says is the last 2 years developing a custom mount for his iPhone to attach a rope to so he could swing it around his head as he skied.  The video below shows it in action:

That was pretty damn close to bullet time.  Syre it didn’t stop and zoom in or anything, but it was still cool.  I can see this potentially turning into something really intense, something that’s established, and recognized and worthwhile.  I might need to look at some sort of rig that does this…if one were to ever be offered for sale that is.

{Peta Pixel}

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