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What? A Free day?

It’s February 29th bitches!!!  All you salaried employees of the world, you’re getting screwed today.  You’re working, but you’re not getting any extra money for this 366th day of the year.  Suckerrrrrrsssssss.

Wait.  I’m one of those too…damn.

Oh well, let this be know for you next leap-year.  Take February 29th off.  Until we can even out the time differential and get rid of leap years, there will always be this unnecessary day added to the year.  At least though it gives February a prime number of days.  I think we should give all months a prime number of days.

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burning wood for art

Have you ever heard of the art of pyrography?  Well, at least not using that name.  It’s the scientific name for wood burning.  Filipono Artist Jordan Mang-osan uses a magnifying glass to focus the sun’s rays onto large pieces of wood to create elaborate landscapes.  It’s really quite something.  The patience to hold the magnifying glass steady, and at the right distances away to get the effect you want.  However, I bet it’s way more frustrating then painting because if you get a good groove going and a cloud comes in you can get all messed up.  And if he messes up how would he fix it?  Maybe sand out the effected area?  Probably, it’s not burning too deep into the wood.

Up Close burning

You can buy some of his work on Fine Art America, but I will warn you, it’s not cheap, but that can be expected since there’s so much skill involved in making these.

{Laughing Squid|Incredible Things|Gizmodo}

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movie clue 1

Stock Photo website Veer has put together a great little web game to show the versatility of the images they offer.  It’s quite simple really, they show you 3 images and together those three give you clues to a movie.  You just enter in the movie’s name.  Easy peasy right?

movie clue 2

I manged to get 40 of the 50.  Can you beat my score?  Probably.


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Some other National Park in CA

I’m still out in California, I’m not sure what National Park I will be visiting this weekend, it’s down to 3 choices:

  • Sequoia & Kings Canyon
  • Pinnacles
  • Redwood

Don’t worry, I’ll update you all on Tuesday when I get back with where I actually went.

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Smash Bros. On a Calculator

Smash Bros calculator

Alright, Alright, I’m aittle late to the party here, but better late then never I say.  Omnimaga user Hayleia has put together a port of Super Smash Bros. onto the Ti-83/84 graphing calculators.  You know, those big bulky things that for some reason are still required for high school calculus even though everyone’s phone has more computing power then that?  Anyway, it’s pretty ace if you ask me.  Too bad I don’t have a use for those calculators anymore…

{Engadget|Tiny Cartridge}

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Charlie: The Grand Finale

You might have thought it would never happen but it is, Charlie The Unicorn is one of the older (11 years now!) viral videos of the internet, and for the past 4 years we’ve been stuck with Charlie The Unicorn 4 as the last entry in the saga, but as of now, a 30 minute grand finale is going to happen.

Jason Steele of FilmCow has put together a Kickstarter to fund the final chapter of the Charlie saga.  He’s asking for $35,000, as of this writing he’s at around $60,000, so he better fucking deliver this magical masterpiece of inadvertent adventure.  I’m super excited about the whole thing in a bittersweet way.  I hope it’s as good as Mr. Steele says it will be, but at 30 minutes long, it should hopefully involve some wild and crazy adventures.  Maybe that snowman will come to life and be a problem.  That’d be sweet.

In case you’re unsure of where things left off, here is the series thus-far:


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Magical Stumbles

It’s magically WRONG!  It’s also quite short this month.  Sorry about that lots of other things have come up so I haven’t been stumbling or imguring or redditing as much as I used to.  Don’t worry though, I insist to rectify that problem in the next post.  There will be well into double digit stumble images.

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LED Log Lamp

Finished Lamp

Yes, a 3rd lamp post this month.  Sue me.  Instructable user Trask River Productions has put together a very comprehensive 34 step instructable on how to make this really good looking Log lamp shown above.  Honestly, it looks very well made, which makes sense considering the person/company.  I’m impressed with cutting out all the wood from the base to get the the electronics to fit.  I would have expected it to be in an attachment to the base.  I bet they could (and hopefully do), sell these for $100, there’s quite alot of work that’s gone into them.

They used a regular log and cut it into sections:

cutting the wood

After the pieces are cut, holes are drilled in each one to run the tube:

holed wood

I was going to show more photos, but why bother when you’re better off reading the Instructable yourself.  This way you get all the correct information straight from the source.  If I had a place for something like this, I’d make it, but I have no room anywhere, so it’s not worth it, not yet anyway.  The one change I would make is instead of a regular light bulb on the top, I’d continue the LEDs up there.  Make the whole thing LEDs, it’s better.  They have warm white LEDs too, so it’s all good.

{Instructables|Trask River Productions}

DIY video

Oak Tree vs. Sawmill

Spoiler, the Sawmill wins.

I don’t know about you, but that was a satisfying 9 minutes…Now, just think of all the cool things you could make with that wood!

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Blue Angels 360° Video

I’m pretty sure I haven’t posted this before, but forgive me if I have, it’s just too good not to share a 2nd time.

This video was taken at the Great Georgia Airshow this past October for USA Today.  They set up a special 360° video rig in the cockpit of the jet in the slot position of the diamond formation.  The video is 8 minutes long, not bad really.  It works on a computer, but it’s way cooler if you watch it from a smartphone and move the phone around as you watch it for a truly immersive experience.