River Cave Exploring


Photographer Ryan Deboodt took a drone into the Tham Khoun Xe Cave in Laos.  It’s the largest river cave in the world – 400 feet tall, 650 feet wide, and alittle over 4 miles long.  It’s pretty amazing.  It’s also amazing that the western world hasn’t been exploring it until recently.  First visited in the turn of the century, (1904), it’s only since the early 2000s that the government opened it to foreigners who now explore and map the cave via kayak.

That is exactly what Deboodt did over 2 days.  That and take some amazing photographs and video of the trip.  He’s got some awesome shots on Instagram also:

I find things like this cool, caves are interesting, if not somewhat creepy, but this is wide open and just looks beautiful.  The constant moving water and wide open spaces make it less imposing and creepy I think.

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