NHL Players are Skilled


For serious, look at the puck handling these guys have.  You watch this video and then tell me that pro-hockey players aren’t the most skilled people in all of professional sports.

  • Yes it takes skill to hit a ball traveling 100mph 300+ feet.  But you’re standing still and the ball is being thrown at you.  Hockey is so much more intense than baseball.
  • Yes shooting a 3 pointer is difficult, but you don’t have guys skating into you at a 20-30mph while you yourself are going the same speed.  Oh and you have to watch out for the boards that are fast approaching.
  • Football is rough, I’ll admit that, and you have to catch a ball while maneuvering between a bunch of other guys.  But there’s none of the fancy stick work involved.  Minor hand movements translate to the stick greatly.
  • Oh, and none of this even compares to accurately shooting the puck from 10, 20, 30, 40 feet away at tiny targets, again, all while on ice.


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