HydroForming & a Pulse Jet


You might remember this guy from a few weeks ago and the bunker he built.  Well in this video he introduces me to the technique of hydro-forming.

I like the square pillow the best.  The cone thing was boring, and the circle burst.  The pillow though was cool.  Clean up the rough welded edges and you have a nice accent piece to go somewhere.

Now here’s the real part of the series, making a pulse jet:

He doesn’t really do much with his pulse jet though.  It would have been cool to have had it power a vehicle, or airplane, or something.  Instead he just over-powered it until it half melted.  That’s pretty lame.

Colin Furze is pretty fun to watch, I enjoy it, but, and I guess this is key, what he does the average person really can’t do.  There’s too much necessary skills involved.

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