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The Craigslist Bathroom

This bathroom is polarizing.  You either like it, or hate it, most people are on the hate it side.  I don’t know why, it looks fantastic!  But then again, I’m only seeing it in photos so I don’t know if it would get old quick.  But come on, look at this toilet!  He paid $500 for this beauty, but it apparently had a retail price of around $8,000 which makes sense since it looks entirely custom.


Even the bathtub is amazing!  It cost him $150, probably retails for way, way more than that.  All of the tile was picked up for pennies on the dollar from Craigslist, one set from construction on a hotel that was canceled.  The skylights, the vanity, the mirror, everything was got for cheap. If only his labor building it was cheaper.


I personally like the job that was done.  However, as others have mentioned, he probably didn’t add too much value to his house with this remodel because you have to really love it, and as I said earlier, it’s a very polarizing bathroom.


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