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Bridge Demo

Normally, something like this would be delegated to a Stumbles post, but I felt that this warranted it’s own post for a few reasons.  Mainly it’s just cool to watch, but also because there’s an actual story I can say about it, as opposed to just random videos found online.  This overpass in England was constructed in 1959 and demolished in 2012.  It took all of 15 hours from when the roadway was closed, to when the road opened again the following day.  That’s impressive work, but with all the heavy machinery present, I bet it cost wuite a lot of money.

If you want to watch a 5 minute slower version of it, here’s the official Youtube video of the event.  At first it looked like they were removing parts of the roadway, but they were just placing heavy steel plates on top of it so as not to damage the road.  That’s smart.


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