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Reminder: The X-Files

Yes, the return of the series is 1/3 through already, but you should still catch up on it.  You can stream it on, you should if you haven’t watched it yet.

New episodes are on Monday nights, so there’s still time for you to watch the first two episodes.  In case you need some motivation, here’s the trailer…

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The Great War

World War I is still going strong, this is a reminder to go watch The Great War as it unfolds for 10 minutes at a time every week.  I’m a few weeks behind so far, and honestly, I forgot alot of what happened.  I think Indy needs to post some tests…


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Puzzle Builder

Or deconstructor depending on how the video was shot.  Reddit user gunbladerq spent 2 years putting together this puzzle, only to then take it apart and reconstruct it piece by piece in a 1000 frame stop motion video.  It’s soothing, and fun to watch.  It took 2 years though because he procrastinated, not because it was difficult.

You should check out his YouTube channel too, there’s a few good time-lapse videos on it as well.


Alternate History Thursday: Challenger

30 years ago today, 7 astronauts lost their lives when the Space Shuttle Challenger broke apart 73 seconds into it’s launch.

In alternate history land, it’s much better, there is no space shuttle because there was no space race.  Space, The Moon, and all of that was conquered by the allied forces of Nazi Europe Individualized Nations.  The Communist States of America tried to go up there, but they just didn’t have the talent.  By the time they had enough rockets built up, there was already private Eruopean Companies with satellites up there.  However, that didn’t stop the CSA from launching their own.

No, 30 years ago today marks The Challenger crisis.  The CSA and the NEIN were constantly going back and forth among themselves to one-up each other.  Eventually the CSA went a step too far.  The attempted to hijack a private satellite that they claimed was entering into their “space”.  It turns out that the satellite was owned by the 7th intelligence branch of the NEIN government.  On this satellite was experimental technology that messed with the weather, and the satellite was part of the Challenger project, which was an investigation into if strange weather patterns could fool the populace into believing that aliens were about to land.  That story is for another day.

The Challenger Crisis revolves around the satellites in play.  The CSA threatened to blow the NEIN d-7 challenger out of the sky.  NEIN was forced to admit that this satellite contained dangerous radioactive elements and if tampered with could seriously damage space communications, of which the world was heavily dependent on.  The stalemate lasted 2 full days before NEIN d-7 was able to covertly launch a drone satellite from The Moon to capture challenger and move it into sovereign space above Moon Base Querrel.  But for those 2 days the world was on edge, worried about an outbreak of WW3.  Thankfully, nothing came of it except for black and blue on the NEIN d-7 branch, but they’re used to things like that.

Back in our land, here’s a video of Red Huber who was there photographing the launch for the Orlando Sentinel.

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River Cave Exploring

Photographer Ryan Deboodt took a drone into the Tham Khoun Xe Cave in Laos.  It’s the largest river cave in the world – 400 feet tall, 650 feet wide, and alittle over 4 miles long.  It’s pretty amazing.  It’s also amazing that the western world hasn’t been exploring it until recently.  First visited in the turn of the century, (1904), it’s only since the early 2000s that the government opened it to foreigners who now explore and map the cave via kayak.

That is exactly what Deboodt did over 2 days.  That and take some amazing photographs and video of the trip.  He’s got some awesome shots on Instagram also:

I find things like this cool, caves are interesting, if not somewhat creepy, but this is wide open and just looks beautiful.  The constant moving water and wide open spaces make it less imposing and creepy I think.

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NHL Players are Skilled

For serious, look at the puck handling these guys have.  You watch this video and then tell me that pro-hockey players aren’t the most skilled people in all of professional sports.

  • Yes it takes skill to hit a ball traveling 100mph 300+ feet.  But you’re standing still and the ball is being thrown at you.  Hockey is so much more intense than baseball.
  • Yes shooting a 3 pointer is difficult, but you don’t have guys skating into you at a 20-30mph while you yourself are going the same speed.  Oh and you have to watch out for the boards that are fast approaching.
  • Football is rough, I’ll admit that, and you have to catch a ball while maneuvering between a bunch of other guys.  But there’s none of the fancy stick work involved.  Minor hand movements translate to the stick greatly.
  • Oh, and none of this even compares to accurately shooting the puck from 10, 20, 30, 40 feet away at tiny targets, again, all while on ice.


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HydroForming & a Pulse Jet

You might remember this guy from a few weeks ago and the bunker he built.  Well in this video he introduces me to the technique of hydro-forming.

I like the square pillow the best.  The cone thing was boring, and the circle burst.  The pillow though was cool.  Clean up the rough welded edges and you have a nice accent piece to go somewhere.

Now here’s the real part of the series, making a pulse jet:

He doesn’t really do much with his pulse jet though.  It would have been cool to have had it power a vehicle, or airplane, or something.  Instead he just over-powered it until it half melted.  That’s pretty lame.

Colin Furze is pretty fun to watch, I enjoy it, but, and I guess this is key, what he does the average person really can’t do.  There’s too much necessary skills involved.

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Star Wars Again

Yes I’m posting some more Star Wars stuff, deal with it.  The internet has an unhealthy obsession with Nicolas Cage.  I’ll be the first to admit, I like him.  But like all things on the internet, it’s not an entireally respectful love.

Nicolas Cage Star Wars

I wouldn’t see this movie, but I do think it would be just stupid fun.  I will still contest that National Treasure was the most fun I had ever had in a movie theater, it’s just an unashamed fun film.  I’m not sure what casting Nicolas Cage as every character in Star Wars would do, and I’m not sure where the Deceleration of Independence falls into it, but I think it could be a fun cross-over movie.

Next up is this heat activated mug.

If you believe the Amazon Reviews, it’s not great, but come on, it’s a gimmick mug, don’t ask for too much.  I wouldn’t buy it though, that heat activated paint can’t be good for you and I wouldn’t trust it to stay on there by itself, repeated washings would cause it to flake off and enter the coffee.  No thank you, I’ve had enough dangerous chemicals enter my body over the years.


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Snow Blowers

For those who don’t know, the East Coast of the US is under a blizzard.  And since I’m head quartered along the East Coast, I feel obligated to post about it.  I could post some photos, but these videos of industrial snow blowers are cooler.  Way cooler.

Snow plows and blowers on trains are cool.  Especially whey the trains are driving pretty fast.  Look at this one, it’s pretty awesome, but I bet some signs got broken:

However, this hot air jet exhaust one is my favorite though:


Learn about LASERs

LASER is an acronym, however it’s an acronym that most people don’t even know is an acronym anymore.  I think the blame for that can be on displaying LASER in text as you would any other word, lowercase.  It stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.  LASERs are very important to our digital world.  But did you also know that there are two main types of them?  No, probably not.

LASER shooting into the heavens

The two types are Gas and Diode.  Naturally they both have advantages and cons.  There is one thing I didn’t know though: power has nothing to do with the wavelength (color) of a laser.  That’s based on the gas used to generate the beam, or the lenses the beam travels through.  Nothing else.  Power denotes just that, the power of a beam.  Is it strong enough to light a match, pop a balloon, or hit the moon and return?  I thought color was tied to power.  I’m not sure why, I never really looked into it at all.