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End of The Year

Another year gone by, another tick mark on the site.  Look for a proper state of the site post in the coming days.  I have some big plans in store, let’s see if you can figure them out.  If not, no worries, it’s nothing drastic that will impact your life more then a few minutes a day.  Yes, I said a day.  Take that at face value will you.

Ok, since it’s already 2016 somewhere in the world, I’m gonna just say it now, Happy New Year bitches.


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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone.  I hope you have a great time, and I hope those of you with children set up something like this one day in your life.  There’s alot of thought that went into the track, using LEGO as the pillars is a great idea to keep track (pun intended), of the level needed.  You can tell this is a first design because there’s no style to the LEGO yet, it’s just slapped together.  That works, but for version 2, hopefully they get some consistency there.

And, if the wooden train track one wasn’t enough for you, here is a dedicated Marble Run type.  It’s even Christmas themed:

According to the lead engineer, it uses over 600 feet of track.  You can see some of the track boxes holding up part of the track itself.  This one doesn’t look as permanent, posts are precariously held up, and half perched over ledges.  It also takes up far too much of the house to be left up for any length of time.


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Alternate History Thursday: Nakatomi

Christmas Eve 1998: Nakatomi Plaza, Never Forget

I’ll let the photo above speak for itself.  Tonight, 27 years ago terrorists took over the Nakatomi building in Century City California.  Their target, $640 million in negotiable bearer bonds.  That’s amazing, even the amount of money stolen still holds up today, it’s not some piss poor $100,000 or similar, it’s well over half a billion dollars.  Damn Hans, you really did know how to pull it off.

It's Not Really Christmas until Hans Gruber Falls off the Nakatomi Tower

As is Christmas Tradition, it isn’t really Christmas until you’ve watched this documentary, just like every 4th of July you must watch Independence Day, every year, around Christmas time, you must watch the hero cop from New York City single handedly stop a hostile take over.

To commerate this memorable event, there is even a music video.  Because John McClane has also been involved in multiple similar instances.


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Here you can watch over 3 minutes of different takes on Santa from the land of cinema over the years.  I knew where many of them were from, but some were just out there strange.  Oh well, Merry Christmas everyone.


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It’s a Christmas tradition.  The fries are done.

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Those who know, know I recently was in Arizona for a National Parks trip.  I visited Saguaro National Park down in Tucson, and Petrified Forest National Park, up east of Flagstaff.  Both parks are small and require about a day of exploring.  Saguaro could use a day and a half.

Anyway, as always, I took some photos, so take a look at them:


I decided to try something new, I took a picture of the reflection in my sunglasses.  I’m not sure how I got the idea, but I did, and I really love the result:

Saguaro Reflection

I also got up for sunrise and got a really, really nice silhouette of the Saguaro holding The Moon, with Venus at the top:

Sunrise with Saguaros

Petrified Forest:

Wood Spread Out

Those are all petrified logs, they are quite alot of them, and they are all different sizes and colors, it’s quite cool.


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The great documentary Independence Day doesn’t need a sequel.  But in great American fashion, we’re getting one.  The official trailer was released earlier today.  Enjoy it:

After the trailer, check out the neat interactive site that goes over what happened in the world over the last 20 years.


Pearl Harbor

Attack on Pearl Harbor

Another year has gone by, another few gallons of oil have seeped out of The Arizona, but still, time marches on, and still we remember.  The people effected might no longer be with us, but the memories of them, are still.  And the actions, both directly, and indirectly, changed the course of history.  All of us alive now owe it to the Japs for making that poor decision 74 years ago.  Remember that.

But also, remember the thousands of soldiers killed in the attack that changed the world.

Deadly Computer

Petrified Forest

It’s the end of the year, and I haven’t gone to any new National Parks yet.  Yes I did a Grand Canyon trip this past summer, but I’ve already been there, and already been to Bryce Canyon, and Zion.  No, I need to keep up my quota and get to some new ones.  So right now, I’m on my way to Phoenix Arizona.  From there I will make my way to Petrified Forest National Park.  And then, make my way to Saguaro National Park.

Both of those parks are small and should hopefully be pretty easy.  So I’m hoping my quick trip out to them will be enough.  Quite likely, it won’t be enough and I’ll have to make another trip out in a few years.  But hopefully by then I’ll have gotten most of the other parks crossed off the list, and, more importantly, I’ll have some other people to go with.

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Cork Reindeer

Reddit user gruels has a nice whimsical Christmas decoration, reindeer made of discarded wine corks and twigs.  It’s nice, it’s simple, and it’s something to start the Winter Tradition up.  Welcome to Christmas time everyone.