Dentist Golf Marble Run


Dentist Vic Chaney has created a masterpiece of a marble run based on everyone’s favorite “sport” golf.  It’s pretty simple, except for the golfers that stop the flow of the ball through the track.  But I kind of like that element to it, it breaks it up and is something you don’t see every day … Continued

DIY Railgun


reddit user zebralemur has made the world’s most powerful civilian made electro-magnetic railgun.  A railgun for those who don’t know is a type of weapon that uses alternating electric currents to accelerate a slug to super speeds.  No explosion necessary.  It’s usually very powerful and very dangerous.  But also very difficult, and very dangerous to make. … Continued

Artfull Tires


Here’s yet another re-purposed item made into beautiful works of art.  This time, it’s easy to argue that these tires are of no practical use anymore, and their destruction is perfectly acceptable.  I’m 111% sure that no one will bitch and moan that valuable landfill material is being decimated into “art”.  Wim Delvoye carves these … Continued

Wooden Books


I’ve gotten flack before for posting mutilated books, do you think that would have stopped me?  You’d be wrong.  Here’s another example of people using books in an alternative format that I think is awesome, but other people are getting all upset over. reddit user bisnicks shared this table, which is apparently at a restaurant … Continued

Logs to Lumber


Ah, woodworking, it’s really a great hobby, and business.  Seeing the process of turning the trees from logs into lumber though is interesting.  I think the most staggering part however is the scale of this one sawmill.  Look at all those logs, and all the wood, and that’s just one. {reddit}

17 years of DSLRs


For some reason, Jim Goldstein decided to do a head to head comparison of the brand new Canon 5DS R, and the 17 year old Canon D2000.  Spoiler, the brand new one wins in every category.  One things that I think is telling though is that the camera’s firmware and UI hasn’t changed much at all in … Continued

DIY Orichalcum Ring


I like things DIY, I like metal, I like rings.  This video, while 10 minutes long, is totally enjoyable to watch: I have never heard of Orichalcum, but not surprisingly, it’s a rather old metal used in ancient times.  It has a nice gold/brass color to it, probably because of the copper base metal in … Continued

Happy Halloween


Yes, I’m a few days late, yes, I hate horror movies, no I’ve never seen the Saw movies.  This is still a pretty great short video though, enjoy. {Imgur}

Making Plywood


This is a pretty neat 5 minute clip.  I know what makes up plywood, but I never saw it being made.  I like the shaving the log into plys, and then rolling those plys back up into a trunk again.  Very ironic don’t you think? {reddit}

Ivy Mike


The Fusion age is here.  Or, more specifically, the nuclear exploding fusion bomb age that is.  Today, in 1952, the United States Military detonated the world’s first thermonuclear weapon, code-named Ivy Mike.  This hydrogen bomb was the first successful test of the design, and ushered in an age of fear.  The US was excited to get … Continued