Dangerous Skiing

Skiing can be a dangerous sport, I’m not talking about the too crazy extreme skiing that some people do, just the moderate kind on large back country mountains.  Take a watch on this video of a skier who fell into a crevasse:

All in all, it seems like he handled himself very well.  I can’t say the same for myself, but then again, I would never go skiing in an area where this can happen.  I like skiing, but I like to live also.  It looks like he lost one of his skis too, so in 25,000 years when this glacier makes it to the sea our descendants will be confused by this chunk of flat carbon that shows up on the shoreline.

I think the most interesting part though is the crevasse.  The crazy eerieness of it, and the fact that it was barely covered and then the guy just fell through, that’s scary enough for me.


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