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Experimental aircraft are cool.  They usually fall into one of two categories, useful prototypes of future airplanes and technology, or crazy strange aircraft that have no business defying gravity.  The Grumman X-29 is one of the latter.  It’s famous for having strange forward-swept wings.  Something that looks like it’s flying backwards.  It’s design meant it relied 100% on a computer, six of them to be exact, they all worked in parallel to back each other up and vote on what the outcome would be.  It’s instability was supposed to be countered by extreme maneuverability, but unfortunately, real world testing didn’t confirm any of the predictions.


Anyway, Nathan has made a LEGO version of that famous plane.  It took him a long weekend to build, and used exactly 1,000 pieces.  I love the detail on the landing gear, which seems minor, but is really well done.

x-29 landing gear


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