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90,000 Lumen LED Flashlight

There’s LED flashlights, and then there are LED Flashlights.  This is the latter.  This is a custom built 90,000 lumen flashlight that is bright enough to light up a mountain side.  Daniel Riley has constructed this beast by strapping together 10 (ten) 100W LEDs each with their own driver and heat sink.  He then used two rechargeable batteries to power it.  It can only give off about 10 minutes of light, but that’s more then enough because if you’re looking for someone, they will be blinded for enough time for you to stumble your way to them.

It could probably even stop Big Foot, at least for a few seconds anyway.  Enough for you to stumble your way in the other direction.  I do really love the comparisons he made in the video.  Too often people just post the final product, but without a side by side (or in this case, sequential) usage, it’s impossible to tell just how brighter each one is.

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Interesting video. It’s really convenient to view the side-by-side comparison in visualization.
Thanks for your sharing.

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