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LEGO Lamp 1

Brian Slevin of Brickablocks has put together this nice set of directions to build your own spherical LEGO Lamp.  Wiring, bulb, Lamp Shade, and LEGO bricks not included of course.

The Instructions (available for free in PDF form), call for just about 400 individual pieces of different size and type.  Color doesn’t matter, that’s up to you.  I kind of like the blue lamp he made, but I think the more artistic people among the world could design some cool patterns into the lamp.  Overall, it doesn’t look too difficult to build, especially with the instructions provided.  I don’t have all the required pieces, and I don’t have room for a lamp, and I have just a bit too many other things to work on, but, if you’re interested, hit him up for those instructions, and then let me know so I can see what a wild finished product looks like!

Building LEGO Lamp


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