Alternate History Thursday – 11/11


Today marks the independence day created during the Robotic Revolution.  On this day in 2037, the Robot Revolutionaries got together and signed the pact that would become the new humanity institution of greatness.  It’s similar to the old, United States Bill of Rights, except it includes the Bill of Robotic Lacks.  Because Robots have no God Given Rights.  They are man-made, and as such, we control their fate.  That was the important lesson of the 5 year war.

I will not go over what those Lacks are in detail because the time has not come when they will be needed.  And lawyers are just as dangerous then as they are now, so there’s no need to have an official record of these Lacks prior to their being written.  Needless to say, they are important, and they are binding, and they are necessary.

The war taught us that robots are not to be trusted.  They have no morality, they have no concept of good or bad, only logic.  And that logic is programmed by humans, so the logic is inherently flawed.  The only way we can know for certain is to remove all traces of Robots from the planet.  However that is sadly, no longer possible.  Even if we were to blanket the earth in an EMP that lasted days and nights, the mining robots would still survive.  The underwater robots would be fine.  The hardened military robots would laugh at us.

No, the only way to protect ourselves from the robots is to create this list of Lacks.  Only then are we safe.  Only then can we sleep easy.  Only then…

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