DIY Orichalcum Ring


I like things DIY, I like metal, I like rings.  This video, while 10 minutes long, is totally enjoyable to watch:

I have never heard of Orichalcum, but not surprisingly, it’s a rather old metal used in ancient times.  It has a nice gold/brass color to it, probably because of the copper base metal in it.  I like the process, no idea on how long it took, or how much skills were needed for it. It looks like someone with basic understanding of the process could make.  I wish he started alittle earlier and showed how he made the sand mold.  That’s the only part I’d have trouble with I think.


One response to “DIY Orichalcum Ring

  1. Hey, I stumbled across your site while looking for my own video (on a friend’s pc so I’m not logged in to YT) and thought you might like to know that I also have a video about the basics of sand casting:

    And you’re right, a basic understanding and a bit of practice is all it takes. You should totally have a go!

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