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Halo Trailers

It’s that time of the quarter-decade.  A new Halo game is on the horizon.  Only 3 weeks away now, and the marketing blitz is just about to begin.  Halo has always had the best made video game commercials of all time.  Below is the gameplay trailer, which gives some of the story.  To be honest, I haven’t followed much of the long term media campaign at all.  I know I’m missing things, but I don’t care, I’ll find out when I play the game next month.

I’m really excited for the live action trailers.  The live action Trailers for Halo 3 were award winning, I don’t know if Halo 5 looks like it’s going to have a really good story, but I’m not so sure if it’s going to be as touching as the Believe Campaign from Halo 3, that was pretty damn good.  Below are two Halo 5 commercials I’ve found/seen so far.  Let’s hope Microsoft spent a few more million dollars on this campaign.


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