Making a Chandelier

Crystal Chandeliers are kind of out of place in the modern home now.  Electrical light is cheap, and bright so there’s no need for multi-armed small lighted things to hang over dining room tables.  That doesn’t keep them from being pretty cool though.  The above How It’s Made video goes through the manual process of making a gigantic crystal chandelier.  It truly is gigantic though, weighing in at 150lbs 3 foot wide 24 armed monster.  It looks pretty solid though.  I’m particularity interested in the strength of those twisted arms.  It’s impressive how much the crystal glass can hold.

Unfortunately though, things like this just aren’t appreciated as much anymore.  Few modern houses can use something this ornate, and even more, all the little lights there are annoying.  Hopefully they have upgraded their process to use LEDs instead of regular incandescent bulbs.


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