Person Of Interest is Late

I know I said a few weeks ago that Season 4 of Person of Interest was available on Netflix.  Well, I committed a rookie journalistic mistake, and didn’t actually verify that before posting.  It turns out, Season 4 is stuck somewhere in entertainment limbo.  CBS decided to wait until January to start Season 5, but the September 22nd date was given months before that decision was made.  Naturally, CBS is trying to get the most bang for their buck by having Season 4 be available at a close time to Season 5’s debut, so they’re stalling.

That is unfortunate, I apologize for getting anyone’s hopes up, but fear not, time is flying and before you know it, Season 5 will be here, and you’ll be able to watch everything in a weekend.  It’s that good.

Now, instead of my usual two Person of Interest videos, here’s a new montage I found:

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