An Amazing Alien Airshow Alliteration!


TIE Fighter

The Sci-Fi Air Show is an interesting cross between actual reality, and virtual reality.  Model maker and former ILM Visual Effects Supervisor Bill George is the person in charge of it all.  The idea here is that instead of static models of conventional aircraft, actual scale models used in Sci-Fi films are photographed, scaled up, and digitally inserted into stock photos of actual Air Shows.


It’s quite an interesting concept.  The website even has a layout of the mock airshow on display, complete with info on each ship.  The one thing missing is the awesome live displays that happen at air-shows.  It’s one thing to see these mighty pieces of machinery on the ground, but it’s something else entirely to see them perform above you as nature intended.  But, considering most of these are space-faring vehicles, it’s probably not something you’d be able to see from the ground.

Also, none of them are real.


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