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The Stumble Gun

Stumble Time 1234.  It’s been some time, but then again, I always say that, and still, here we are.  This month’s addition has quite alot of videos.  Be it in .gif format, or webm format, either way, there are a high proportion of moving photos, I have warned you.  Now, onto the funness:


strip club gun

No, the strip club dollar bill gun {reddit} {If you want to buy it}

police chase

Duck Duck GO: {source}

Train Tower

So close to the top.  Well, mabe, the top isn’t in frame, but it’s still cool, and something everyone always wanted to do. {imgur}

I didn’t know that slot cars could go that fast.  What’s the point if you can’t see anything? {imgur}

Yea, I’m not really sure what’s going on here, but, it’s interesting {imgur}

Tree Table

I really like this picnic table, it even has kids sections on the ends of the branches. {reddit}

wood splitter

Do You want some wood? It won’t help you make that table above, but it will help you burn things. {imgur}

Don’t get Lost {reddit}

Really, I have no idea why this is necessary {reddit}

Nazi Book

I couldn’t find this book on Amazon, not that I’d want to read it anyway. {imgur}

playing with sand

It’s cool how that little action will completely change the way the landscape looks. {imgur}

And, of course, we will end on a Rave note: {source}

Hitler The Raver

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