US Air Force


US AF Seal

Today, September 18, marks the 68th anniversary of the United States Air Force, (USAF).  I know what some of you are thinking.  Only 68 years, that’s around the end of World War II.  Well, you’re right, it’s 1947 to be exact.  During World War II, it was a part of the US Army Air Forces, before it was spun off into it’s own entity.   Over the course of it’s 68 year existence, the USAF has grown to be the largest, most powerful Air Force the world has ever seen.  Over the decades, the USAF has led the way in leaps and bounds in terms of technological achievements, flying the most advanced fighter and reconnaissance air craft the world has seen.

The Air Force isn’t limited to just air craft.  The USAF is also in control of the nations 450 ICBMs, as well as a a couple dozen satellites of military nature.  Of course, they still have over 5,000 aircraft of various different roles.  From the lowly transports and tankers, to the state of the art Fighters, and, some of the coolest planes human kind has yet to produce.



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