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Telescope Photos

Amateur Astronomy has been one of my oldest hobbies.  Lately, it’s manifested itself by just taking long-exposure night shots, or time-lapses, but this past weekend, I went out specifically to look through a telescope.  An 8″ reflector to be precise.  It was a fun night, and I got some pretty neat photos out of it.  The two things I focused on were M13, and The Ring Nebula.


Here is M13, I took a bunch of shots of this, but the first few weren’t in focus, the latter ones came out decent, and I stacked them together to bring out some of the finer details and color using Deep Sky Stacker.

Ring Nebula

I really like The Ring Nebula, I was able to get some color out of that easily.

This was a nice welcome back to the world of astronomy, and astrophotography, I can’t wait for the next time I get out there with my own scope.

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