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An Outcome of WWIII?

The fabled World War III has been talked about since the immediate aftermath of World War II.  Well, commemorate the 70th anniversary of the ending of the War with Japan, as they called WW2, the following video has come out of China:

I can’t read, or understand Chinese, but according to mmo-champion, the message at the end of the video says:

China is strong, victorious wars require deaths; for all to be strong and safe, [we] face the risks and dangers of war. We wholeheartedly love peace, but must be prepared for the likelihood of war. We respectfully and solemnly commemorate the 70th anniversary of the war against Japan.

It’s pretty clear that the video depicts Chinese forces engaging, and winning against American forces in some sort of all out war.  It’s not clear what the motivations of these attacks are, or how accurate the outcome would actually be.  It’s also not clear if this is an official Chinese Government sanctioned video, or something someone made for fun, or a trailer for an upcoming video game.  Either way, it’s hilarious, really.

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