Small Paper Models

Paper Town
Collection of a month’s worth of models {Paperholm}

Just over 1 year ago Charles Young set himself a goal.  At times it seemed simple, other times it was excessive, but in the end, it was impressive.  Each day for one full year, he would craft a new unique paper model using 220gsm paper and glue.  On August 10, 2015 he finished his year long project, here are some of my favorites, but really, there are 365 of them to choose from, some simple buildings, others more intricate, detailed pieces.

Water wheel thing
Moving Water wheel thing {Paperholm}

It’s interesting to look through his archive and see the way his pieces have progressed in complexity and creativity as time went on.

Hanger, from October.{Paperholm}

This is a simple hanger like structure, it’s nice, but there’s nothing that’s supposed to move, and it’s kind of boring to be honest.

Piranha Plant
Piranha Plant from June {Paperholm}
Tree House from just this past July {Paperholm}

This tree house isn’t the most intricate model he made, but it’s still got some detail to it, look at the ladder, and the pennant string.



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