Giant Water Rockets


The lovely people over at Rocket Fued have put together a set of 5 videos, (6 if you count the trailer), showing you how to build your own giant water rocket.  When I was a kid I remember spending hours on the weekend launching small 2 liter water rockets.  I’d fill them part way with water, then get out a tire pump and watch them go up.  My rockets weren’t anything as sophisticated as the above, I had cardboard fins tapped on, and no parachute.  But mine never made it much higher then the house, and when they came down, were just the empty soda bottle.

Eventually, I graduated to Estes model rockets, but never made anything as crazy as that V2.  The video is cool, and it’s a nice way to get teenagers interested in rockets.  I think it’s too complicated for anyone over 12 though.  Keep it limited to single stage rockets for them.


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