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A Circle Plane?

Yes, you read that right, and your eyes aren’t lying to you, the people over at Flite Test have decided to make a circle plane, or tubular plane.  Basically, a plane with it’s wings arced up into each other to form a circle.  It looks ridiculously unstable, at first that is.

First the started small, and eventually scaled up.  When it’s flying, it’s pretty cool, and gigantic.  One of the games they played was flying smaller planes through the hoop.  It’s cool.  In a smaller test another plane got caught in the tail, but couldn’t manage to drag down the plane.  Eventually they had to hold it on a golf cart in order for it to take off.  It also looks pretty redundant, with a big chunk taken out of it’s circle it’s still flying very stable, but then again, it has a huge wing surface area, so it’s probably alright.

I think the coolest part though is watching the giant thing fly, and fly pretty slow with the quick nimble fighters flying all around, and through it.  Watching giant things fly real slow is cool.

{Hacked Gadgets}

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