The Iron Giant

The Iron Giant Poster

On September 30, and October 04, 2015, The Iron Giant will be show in select theaters again.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with this masterpiece, you should stop what you’re doing and find somewhere to watch it.  It’s less than 90 minutes long, it has some legendary names attached to it, Brad Bird, Vin Diesel, and Pete Townshend among others.  It was a box office bomb, but only because no one knew what it was supposed to be, and it was before social media, or the internet was big.  Critics loved it, and it really is an amazing film.  You should make some time to go see this classic on the big screen.  It’s remastered, and includes extra scenes.  I’m not really sure how the extra scenes things will go, but hey, it’s The Iron Giant on the big screen, you should go watch it.

It’s being run by Fathom Events, there will be details to follow soon.


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