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Wooden RISK

It actually might come as a surprise to you,but I enjoy the game RISK.  Now, to be 111% honest, I always preferred to play Castle RISK over regular RISK, and if given the option, I’d choose Axis & Allies any day.  But all of that is neither here nor there, this post is about reddit user Corrado-Cerea, and his successful project of making a semi-permanent RISK board out of an Ikea table.

RISK Board 1

He chiseled out the borders of the countries, and then printed out the countries and shellacked them on.  It’s not a bad way to do it, it’s probably cheaper.  To be honest, I think it looks fine.  If the covering is enough to prevent the paper from pealing, I bet most people wouldn’t ever know the difference.  Look at his Imgur album of the whole process.

country making

Not to be outdone, fellow reddit user E_Squared, showed his much larger home made RISK board.

Projecting countries

I will admit, his is cooler.

painting countries

In true one-up fashion, 2-Skinny had his own LASER cut board to show off.  He at least painted the ocean blue, not that it really matters anyway.


LASER RISK colored in

I like all three boards.  I want to do something like it for myself, but I have a few issues.  1. I have no room. 2. I don’t have enough family or friends that would play Axis & Allies (because as I said earlier, I prefer that game) with me on a regular (or at all) basis to justify this.  But, either way, it’s pretty cool and maybe one day I will have answers to both of those issues.

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