European Photographic Freedom

Europe is potentially about to get alot more photographer unfriendly.  On July 09, 2015 the E.U. Parliament will vote on an amendment to copyright as it applies to publicly view able buildings and art work, more commonly called Freedom of Panorama.  The proposed law change would make photographing any public building, monument, or artwork and using those photos in a commercial application illegal, and the owners could sue for damages.  Just what those damages are is questionable, but it’s yet another thorn in the side of the continent of Europe that makes it less appealing to the freedom loving American that I am.

I don’t know what, if anything us Americans can do about this, but hopefully, some smarter minds will prevail because even without the freedom loving American thoughts that I have, it should be pretty apparent that this is a horrible idea.

{Peta Pixel|reddit}

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