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If you haven’t heard already, Jurassic World made boat loads of money last weekend, $500,000,000 worldwide, $200,000,000 just in America.  That’s the fastest a movie has climbed to the half a billion mark.  I just saw this movie, and the 15 screen theater had 6 showings of Jurassic World.  The one I was in was packed.  I can’t remember the last non-opening weekend film I saw that was packed.  Additionally, the film was just frigging good.  It had the right blend of action and story, with the perfect amount of nostalgia mixed in.  I don’t want to ruin anything, just go watch it.  In case you needed motivation, here’s The Piano Guys covering the theme to Jurassic World.  It takes parts of John Williams’ iconic (one of many), theme song, which, by the way is also played durring Jurassic World.

Here’s another one too, cause I’m feeling Generous:

By the way, did you know that the original Theme song climbed to #1 this week on the Billboard’s Classic Digital Songs list.  Yea, it’s a relatively weak list, not something you’d heard on the regular radio, but still mighty impressive.

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