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Petty Euro Money

I don’t usually get into these more serious news items, (I’m linking to the New York Times, wtf?!), but this is just too good to pass up.

2.5 Euro Coin

In order to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Napoleon’s loos at Waterloo, Belgium initially wanted to mint a 2 Euro coin for it.  However, France has objected to this coin, so Belgium, being the nice people they are, destroyed the 180,000 coins they already minted.  Not to let France bully them, Belgium read the law alittle better, and saw that it allows them to mint their own coins of their own design so long as they are in an irregular amount (3 Euro, 17 Euro, something strange like that).  So they decided to make a 2½ Euro coin with the design on it.  Genius.

Well, kind of anyway.  This coin will now be a limited minting only in Belgium as opposed to a general minting that would go into circulation throughout Europe.  This makes the coins more valuable, or slightly anyway, it’s not like they’re precious, or unique, they still already minted 70,000 of them.


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