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This Used to be a Pool

reddit user TorbenBusk had a novel idea on how to get the most use out of an old, outdated indoor pool.  Close it up, cover it, and add an entire extra living space (that’s about 8 inches shorter then the other side of the room).

Pool Room 1

The above is the final product, complete with furniture, painted walls, and a baby Christmas Tree.

Here is what it used to look like:

Pool Room, with pool

It doesn’t look that appetizing does it.  Sure it’s an indoor pool, but I don’t know how well I would trust it.  It just looks like it’s cold, and dirty, and like someplace people haven’t enjoyed for years.  Originally, him and his wife purchased the building because for the (theoretical floor space), it was cheaper than getting a house with no pool.  You see, this pool has all the characteristics I mentioned above, which despite the fact that it’s an indoor pool, detract from the total value of the home.

Pool framing

His plan all along was to make this a reversible decision, should he, or a future owner ever decide they want an indoor pool again.  He also wanted to make it closed off, without the strange echo of a void below the floor, you know, this way he can keep things under there.

Check out the imgur album he made going over the entire process, it’s not too long, but he has detailed information about most of the steps he did, and the reasoning behind them, along with the, “I’m doing this myself I’ve had enough, I’m just gonna put 17 screws into it” mentality.

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