Alternate History Thursday: Flat World


We know that the world isn’t flat, but an oddly ball shaped sphere.  But in a suitable alternate reality, the world is a cube, or a diamond, or, for the most part, 2 dimensional.  The 2 dimensional world is actually 3 dimensional, but that’s just to make it easier for us in our ball world to grasp what life is like.

There are 2 sides to this flat world, the layout of the continents is generally the same, except for the poles.  There are no poles.  Also, the planet splits in the middle of the oceans, just like the giant waterfall you’d think.  Depending on which direction you’re going, the water either falls, or rises.  Going west from California, the water falls somewhere in the middle of the Pacific, there’s no real good place to map it to on our globe.  Anyway, the water falls, and enters the middle of the planet.  Due to the strong forces at play, we don’t really know much about what happens on the inside of the planet.  Presumably, the water travels through the middle of the planet through a series of pipes, eventually being forced out of key locations on the planet.  The vast majority of the water makes it to the Atlantic Ocean, where from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, it flows up into the Atlantic.  This is all looking from Alpha side (The side with America on it).  Looking at Beta side, Europe, Asia & Africa, the water flows from The Mediterranean, into the Atlantic, then it falls into the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, through another series of pipes that pop up in Europe, then out on the other side flowing into the Beta Half of The Pacific Ocean.

It has been theorized that one could travel through these skyscraper sized pipes through the middle of the planet.  One un-manned submarine managed to make it 117 miles into the the Beta Atlantic Pipe before something crushed it, and all data stopped being returned.  The last thing seen was a massive wall, full of windows.  There are dozens of hypothesis as to what this wall was, the most popular being a filter.  What this filter is for is another question, along with how it gets cleaned.  Every year hundreds of people waste billions of dollars preparing ships, and research into the abyss.  Perhaps next time, we’ll have some more to go over.

In Ball World, this is how countries line up across from each other:

Countries Lined up

{imgur|Geeko Logie}

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