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Telescope Time-lapse

Photographer Kenneth Brandon has taken a new kind of Time-lapse of the amazing night sky.  Usually, these are wide view shots of the entire sky, sometimes with some foreground to show the vastness of space.  Well, instead of the usual, he decided to attach a camera piggy-back on his 11 inch telescope.  This gives wide field of view of what the entire sky is like, but also shows how the motorized tracking mount keeps everything aligned so that he doesn’t get star trails.

For someone who isn’t aware of how these beautiful time-lapses are made, this is a good video to show you how the scope, or camera lens stays pointed and focused on a single point in the sky as time goes by.  You also see why most time-lapses have an ever creeping view upwards.

All in all, it’s a nice educational video, and again, worth the 1 and a half minutes of your life to look over.  Additionally, if you have some time to kill (and you do if you’re reading this post), check out some of the other videos on his Time-Lapse Channel, they are fun to watch.

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