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LEGO Train Coffee Table

LEGO Table final

Another DIY post courtesy of reddit, this time stubbornmoose has made a coffee table out of maple and walnut, but with LEGO baseplates on the top so that his kids can set up a LEGO town on it.  That is a great idea.

LEGO Table open

Were you aware that you can buy giant LEGO baseplates from slabdreamlab?  Giant ones, with designs on them, normal roads, space, or regular old solid colors, all up to 48″x24″.  That’s gigantic.  I don’t know what I would use them for, maybe that dream of making a scale model of some movie scene, or location.

Here’s one more photo of the build in process but with all the drawers open.  It’s a really nice design, I’m not sure what would go into those vertical slots though, maybe train track pieces?

Table build

Take a look at the full build process over on his blog, or the imgur album he made.

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