Speedriding (Parachute Skiing)


Parachute Ski 1

This really is a crazy thing.  I’ve heard of heliskiing, that in itself isn’t crazy, but being taken to the top of an uncharted mountain in Alaska, and skiing down the impossible face of it with a parachute on your back while you navigate crevasses, 100 foot jumps, and the ever increasing threat of the wind just stopping and causing you to plummet to your death, this is crazy.

Yet, it’s something someone wants to do.  Wants to do so much, that they’ve managed to get a sponsor or two for it and they went up to Alaska to try it out.  I gotta say it again, that’s crazy.  Just look at this photo of them parachuting between towering walls of snow and ice:

Parachute Ski 2


There’s a whole documentary about it that came out in January, I haven’t watched it yet, but I might.


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