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Hurricane Comic

I don’t often post about the webcomics I follow, mostly it’s because I follow so few of them, or, the better ones have disappeared over the years.  Well, theWAREHOUSE, is one of the better ones I’ve followed for years, and it’s still around.  It doesn’t have long, over-arching story lines like some comics, but it does have recurring characters, my favorite being Charles the Raver.

It’s really one of my favorite comics, it’s one of the only comics that I will totally read, as opposed to look at the title, and see if it’s worth my time.  You should read it, it’s good, trust me.  And while you’re at it, why not enter the contest he’s having for the 1,000 comic.  Free, super easy to enter, and there’s 2, (two) prizes, a free t-shirt.

All you have to do is tweet #WRHScomic, or do the same but on Facebook (however that handles #).  Looking at the current entries on twitter, there aren’t too many, so this could be your chance to score a nice free t-shirt.  Or not, I don’t care.  I do think you should support this artist though, because his stuff is good.


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