Crowd-Sourced Time-lapses


The internet is an amazing place.  Researchers at Google and the University of Washington have come up with a way to analyzes photos taken, and uploaded to the internet and create history with them.

The first thing they did was download 86 million photos from various points of interest around the world.  Then they align the photos, normalize the exposure, sort them chronologically, and in the end, create a time-lapse of the thousands of photos taken from different people, at different time,s showing different things.  It’s really something cool.

For the most part only largely static things are visible in the generated time-lapses, meaning, no moving clouds, or cars, or people.  That is, except for a Swiss Guard at The Vatican, he (or they actually), stand so still, and in the same spot, that he’s a blurred in there.  The process isn’t perfect, (yet), photos with blury shots, or where the focus is on a different point mess up the video, and photos taken at night, or evening cause strange effects when the exposure is normalized.  But all in all, it’s pretty cool, the video above is only 5 minutes long, watch it.

{Peta Pixel |Paper}

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