Person Of Interest


It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of CBS’ Person of Interest.  There are countless videos depicting the awesomness of the series.  Last week was the 4th season finale, it was amazing.  In fact, it probably could have served as a series finale if necessary, it wouldn’t nearly have closed all loops, but it would have sufficed I think.  Well, this week, we were treated to some bittersweet news.  CBS has officially renewed the show for a 5th season, but it’s a short one.  Debuting mid-season, it will only be 13 episodes long, while prior seasons had 22 episode lengths.

That in itself isn’t horrible news, but CBS hasn’t committed to another season, and, hasn’t said Season 5 will be it’s last.  This is dangerous because there’s still plenty of story left to tell.  Hell, the aftermath of this season’s finale can take 5 episodes just to right itself.  I urge you to talk up Person of Interest.  There’s currently talk on the subreddit dedicated to the show about trying to convince Netflix to pick it up.  That’s an idea, but I’d still rather it stay on network television.  This fall Netflix will get the first 3 seasons of the show, that’s a good starting point for all you people who have still yet to watch it. So please, do watch it:

Now, here’s a spoiler filled video clip going over the awesomness of Shaw:

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