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Underwater AK-47

It should come as no surprise to you that I am a fan of the Soviet Made AK-47.  Well, actually, maybe it should, considering just how anti-Soviet I actually am, but there’s just no denying a well made machine, and one thing the AK-47 is, is a well made machine, (at least, the original Soviet made versions, the newer Chinese made ones not so much).

The AK-47 is legendary for it’s ability to be subject to the harshest conditions man can dream up, and still fire.  Well, reddit user Onlydead has a high speed video of someone firing an AK-47, while it’s underwater.  There’s not much else to it, but I thought it’s worth the 19 seconds of your time. (60 if you include all the reading you had to do already, sorry).

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