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May the 4th Be with You

Jedi Jaws Lamp

The above lamp was made by redditor marveldeadpool.  Yes, they made it themselves.  It’s pretty rad if I do say so myself.  He said it was Spielberg vs. Lucas, but it’s only Jaws vs. Star Wars.  He should have totally added E.T., or a Raptor.  I mean, there are 2 things representing Lucas.  But, alas, now there are choices for his second version of the lamp.

Here’s a view of the back of the lamp, with Millennium Falcon cursing around the edge that I mentioned before.


Check out the full imgur album.  Yes it’s tacky, but it’s also rad, he sells some of his art on his Etsy page, but not the lamp it looks like.  Check out that art on his website.

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