Book Tower


reddit user normaldesign came up with a novel way to re-use damaged, un-sellable books, and spice up his office environment.

book pillar

He cut a template out of the book to make it just an “L”, then he glued them to the pillar behind his desk.  It makes the office alittle more chill.  It helps that the company he works for is a publishing house, so they often get books back from stores that arrived damaged.  Now, the definition of “damaged” is stretched in many cases, but unfortunately, this is the world we live in.  Unable to sell these books, the are destined to be destroyed some way, might as well spice up the office in the process.  Also, before you go and complain that this is misuse of books, or destruction of perfectly good books, remember, these books were going to be destroyed anyway.

book cuts

Check out the entire imgur album here, he goes over the process, and takes some before and after pictures.  It’s quite nice, and not very long either.

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