Impact Crater

Have you ever wondered what happens underground when you drop something.  Or when a meteor, or comet, or missile impacts the surface of the planet (when it even makes it to the planet’s surface that is)?  I mean, the surface of the earth is easy, we have a couple of decades of nuclear blast testing to show that.  But the underground effects, those are alittle harder to see.  Yes, we did do some underground nuclear tests, but those were mostly to just confirm that the bombs worked.

Well, scientists have done experiments to show what goes on.  Using a high speed camera and special polarizing lenses and beads, we can see how the initial impact of a round projectile (more commonly called a ball), dropped effects the surrounding areas.  It’s neat the way the force slowly (or super quickly actually), snakes its way out across the surrounding beads.  The beads work by changing color (behind a polarizing lens) when they are under stress.  So it’s easy to see what’s happening.

Here’s a video showing the above breakdown in a better format:

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