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Paper Stained Glass

Eric Standley makes stained glass type works of art. That’s not strange in and of itself.  What is strange is the medium he uses to do it.  Stacked paper cut with LASERs.
Here he talks about how he came up with this idea, and how he gets future ideas of what to construct.

paper glass 1

Look at the depth there, it’s incredible.  The intricate nature of the cuts is only possible using a LASER, that’s for sure.  These types of art though belong behind glass, not only for the fragileness of them, but because if they got dusty, you’d never be able to clean them.  I guess the nice thing about them being manufactured by a LASER cutter is that the templates could be stored, so if a sheet were damaged, it could be replaced.  But seeing as how he’s selling these works of art, he should be destroying the files when he’s finished, this way they truly are one of a kind.


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