End of an Era


You probably don’t know this about me, but I am a HUGE Jake And Amir fan.   You might have picked up on it from certain phrases and words I’ve used in the blog over the years, even some tags reference it, if only subtly.  I stumbled to them years ago, I can’t remember when exactly, but I remember the first video I stumbled to: Nutrition. Sadly though, after 8 years, nearly 800 episodes, a 30 minute special, and a podcast, the webseries is coming to it’s end.

They’ve spent the last 8 weeks with a great sendoff for the series.  So far, they’ve managed to hit all the right buttons on the long history of the show, the perfect balance of the newer characters, and the older ridiculousness of the early episodes.  We just need Ace & Jocelyn to make an appearance, perhaps at a McDonald’s and we’ll be golden.

If you haven’t watched Jake & Amir don’t be afraid, it’s quite good.  It started as a College Humor web short, but it’s evolved into it’s own self sustaining show.  Yes there are crude bathroom humor episodes, but the writing is more than good enough to make up for it.  The basic premise is that of the straight man – Jake, and the funny man – Amir.  Over the years they’ve gone on vacations together, loved & lost, launched an unsuccessful Television show, and somehow managed to stay gainfully employed throughout.  Amir mostly because his cousin secured it for the rest of Amir’s life, it’s a decent episode.

Sadly, the everything must come to an end, but if you have nothing to do, and want something mindless to watch, give it a shot, no one will judge you.  Here’s a playlist of over 400 videos, only half, but still some gems in there, starting with one of my favorites:

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