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Alaskan Expedition

I told you last week that this would now be a serious blog.  Well, in keeping with that theme, I am going to start going over my experience in putting together an expedition to Alaska in the summer of 2016.

Those who follow me, and this blog for years know that I am on a quest to visit all of America’s National Parks.  As of this writing, there are 59 National Parks spanning 27 states and 2 territories.  As of this writing, I have visited 11 of those parks.  I have plans to visit 4 or 5 more before 2015 is done.  So far I’ve ticked the easier to get to, and most popular parks off the list first.  Eventually though, the list of easy parks will soon out number the harder parks.  Parks that require a day or two of travel time just to get to.  Parks hundreds of miles from all civilization.

Alaska boasts 8 National Parks, 1 less that California, who has the most.  The parks in Alaska are larger than entire states in the lower 48, and some countries in Europe.  There are 2 parks entirely above the Arctic Circle. Most of the parks in Alaska have no official marked trails, some have 1 or 2.  Roads leading into the park, and around the interior of the Alaskan parks don’t exist.  The only way in is via bush flight.

Needless to say, the 8 Alaskan National Parks will be the hardest on the list to tick off.  Even The National Park of American Samoa will be easier to get to than Gates of the Arctic.  This is why for 2016 I am planning a 5 week expedition to Alaska to visit each and every one of those parks.  Over the next 18 months I will chronicle my progress and give an update on what I’ve decided so far.  I’ve already done a fair amount of research into this trip, but I don’t want to overwhelm you with a wall of 2,000 words, you won’t read it, I probably won’t read it either.  I’ll try and keep the posts to under 1,000 words for this series.  However, this series of posts has been granted it’s own Category.  The first new category on this blog in about 9 years.  You can find all the posts about this trip under the Alaska Category.  I plan on making that section a special part, as soon as I have some time to go through and write the code for it that is. 401 words.

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