awesome DIY led LEGO photo


Imgur user baconeverywhere2 has created a LEGO Lamp.  It’s more of a LEGO Obelisk with some LED strips inside it than what you would consider a traditional lamp.  It measures just over a yard tall (37.5 inches to be exact), and uses a mind-boggleing 25,000 bricks.  That’s too many.

LEGO lamp 1

It looks cool, and all the harsh light from the LED strips is filtered by the holes, but I bet this thing is a bitch to clean.  Dust doesn’t like to remove itself from LEGOs, and all the open spaces are dust magnets here.

LEGO Lamp 2

The curves look nice though, and it sort of looks like a mini LEGO skyscraper.  I bet that’s what the builder was trying to go for.  He claims that it would only cost about $300 to build, I’m sure that’s true but I bet that LEGO doesn’t like when people by 25,000 of the same 3 bricks.  I’m sure it messes with their production and supplies.

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