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The Paper Falcon

Modler Bernard Szukiel has spent 4 painstaking years building this 38″ long model of the YT-1300 light freighter, more commonly known as The Millennium Falcon.

Millenium Falcon Paper

This incredibly detailed model is completely made of paper.  Tiny pieces of paper painstakingly cut, painted, and glued together to form this magnificent ship.  He didn’t just stick to the outside either.  Parts of the interior are constructed as well, including the cockpit:

MF Cockpt

MF Rear


Did I tell you that this model is made of 99% paper.  Yea, well, the other 1% is made up of fiber optics and LEDs to light up key parts of the model.

Here’s the cockpit, it’s kinda blurry, but you can forgive him that.  But yes, all those lights you see are inserted into place by him, it’s not done in post, it’s part of the model.

Cockpit lit up

I know spending 4 years on a single model is probably too much, but I wish/hope that the new Star Wars uses some practical modeling in the film.  A computer just can’t quite replicate how an actual model would get destroyed.  I mean, come on, imagine how awesome this would look if it were in a fight and burst into flames?  It’d be terrible for sure, 4 years of hard work down in flames, but it would be spectacular, that I’m sure of.


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